Art Assault, the Tate Modern London Level.

'Best Game Ever!' - Hrag Vartanian, editor, Hyperallergic.

Art Assault is a game where famous artists kill eachother in levels based on real galleries and museums, like PS1 in New York. It is a graphic modification of a free open source FPS game, Assault Cube. The computer controlled bots are named after the 150 most successful living artists according to artfacts.net. In Team Deathmatch mode the bots and the player are randomly parted into two teams, Inside and Outside, competing for domination of the exhibition space. The maps in the game are based on real life artist run galleries or alternative museums. The textures for the maps are all based on original photos, mostly from the actual place depicted.

The work is best shown as a wall projection, showing a level modelled after the space where the work is shown.

OSX and PC version now updated to Black&White Edition 1.0.2! New levels in 1.0.2:
Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami
Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin
Locust, Miami
Saatchi, London

DOWNLOAD ART ASSAULT FREE FOR MAC AND PC! When the game starts, press ESC and choose Single Player/Bot Team Deathmatch to play level against the computer. The team you belong to will be shown in the upper right hand corner. Look around with your mouse and move with arrow keys or WASD keys. Click to shoot.

VIDEO TRAILER Saatchi Saatchi Saatchi Locust Locust ABMB ABMB ABMB
#RANK #RANK Copenhagen Copenhagen Fictilis Fictilis Kleefeld Kleefeld
Kleefeld Supermarket Supermarket Supermarket Supermarket Supermarket Supermarket Supermarket
Westwerk Uppsala Konstmuseum Uppsala Konstmuseum PS1, New York Magasin3 Kunstwerk Kleefeld Tate Modern
Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern Tate Modern WORM WORM